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When I got to Ghana in August of 2021, I had no intentions of making music.

I only wanted a quick hideaway, some time alone to myself, and hopefully a connection with something I was missing.

You cannot run very far if it is yourself you are running away from - Eva Alordiah

As the days became weeks, I began to listen more intently to that tiny voice in my head. For more than five years it had been saying -” Do it. Just do it for fun. You miss it. Do it.”

And I wanted to.

One late afternoon in December 2021, I get a call from Gray. He says to me “I’m coming to Accra and we have to do some music together.”

Chills went up my spine. The tiny hairs on my arms stood upright.

Gray and I had not recorded in so long since the album 1960, it was weird and wonderful all at once.

“Hell yeah!!! Let’s fucking do it!!” I said. I was excited about the possibility of making music with him again.

I had already spent a good deal of my days telling myself I’d do it. But that phone call from Gray was what I needed.

I decided I was not going to jinx it. I needed to follow through with the call from the Universe, show up, play my part and leave it there.

That’s exactly what I did.

Gray Jones, producing MIGHT AS WELL GET IT
Eva Alordiah - Real shot of me writing this song

“GET IT” was the very first track Gray Jones made when we got in the studio. It came flowing out after a couple of hours of bussing our heads, laughing at studio jokes, and bonding in sound.

It reminded me of ‘MBALI’ on the album 1960.

I loved it as soon as it formed.

When the lyrics took over me and the words began to materialize in my notepad, I was hooked. I knew in my veins that I was right where I needed to be.

There was no denying it. I may have denied it for 5+ years, but being there in the studio with Gray, yelling at the top of our lungs as we listened back to the music we had just created, I knew it was destined to be.

This is one of those self-talk, self-realization songs to remind you of who the F you are, just in case you forgot.

I hope it makes you feel something in the soft spaces in your heart.

Gray Jones and VT, can’t resist the Bass! This is how I imagine you listening right now. 🤪

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Evarything with Eva
Evarything Good🎵
A compilation of songs recorded in 2022. This collection is special and is now available on streaming platforms. It’s wonderful to have you listen to my music again after such a long time.
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