Evarything with Eva
Evarything Good🎵


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A while back when I was very depressed, tumbling down the rabbit holes of YouTube was what kept me sane.

I would spend hours on YouTube listening to speakers, preachers, teachers, and sages. I was searching for a word, a sentence, anything that was not the negative voices in my head.

When people ask me- “How did you overcome depression,” I always say to them - “It is a constant battle of choosing who you’ll serve in mind.

As I have come to learn, the most important thing I have is my Mind. It is my duty to keep my mind sane, nourished, edified, and on a high vibration.

Keeping my vibration high is my most important task. Without that, everything else crumbles and falls apart.

Here are other things I continue to do to keep my Vibration High:

  • Meditation

  • Taking a walk

  • Reading books

  • Going to the beach

  • Drinking lots of water

  • Getting enough sleep

  • Training hard in the gym

  • Absorbing the sunlight

  • Expressing my creativity

  • Staying off social media for a while

  • Helping someone else feel better

I hope this song serves as a reminder for you and me, as we walk this journey of Life. There is so much out there ready to mess up your energy.

Always remember, you are in charge of the Energy you retain and emit. Keep your vibe high, always.


Eva Alordiah

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Evarything with Eva
Evarything Good🎵
A compilation of songs recorded in 2022. This collection is special and is now available on streaming platforms. It’s wonderful to have you listen to my music again after such a long time.
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